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Society  of  Seniors  Caring  About  Seniors is  an  effective  service  facilitator  for seniors to help them retain their lifestyle, sense of independence and well-being.

The Society of Seniors Caring About Seniors (SSCAS) is an Edmonton-based non-profit organization. Its mission is to be an effective service facilitator for seniors to help them retain their lifestyle, sense of independence and well-being. The purpose of the society is to help City-wide seniors live independently in their communities for as long as possible, by providing services that ensure their mobility and assist with basic household maintenance.


SSCAS is funded in part by the City of Edmonton’s Family and Community Support Services. Donations from the general public are also accepted and much appreciated. (Tax receipts are issued for amounts over $10.00.)
SSCAS offers two programs to qualifying seniors: a transportation program to help individuals get to and from appointments or to run errands, and a household service program to provide assistance for housekeeping, snow removal, yard work, and light maintenance.  The household service program began in 1988; the transportation program was added in 1994.
Qualifying seniors gain access to SSCAS program services by registering as members of the society. Membership costs $12 and is renewed on an annual basis.
The maximum charge is $15.00 per hour. For housekeeping services, there is a minimum charge of two hours.


Val Dash
Val DashExecutive Director

Looking to volunteer?

Are you a senior with some spare time and energy? Do you want to find a way to help local seniors? SSCAS has a way for you to give back to your community by helping older folks who will truly value your friendship and your assistance with their transportation and home services needs.

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help in our community.

Do you like to drive?  Or are you passionate about gardening or housekeeping?  We are looking for you!

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