Can I call you today and get services started by tomorrow?

SSCAS transportation services require membership; household services are open to all persons 55-years and older.  To apply for Membership, please fill out and submit this application which we will review and approve within two to three business days or respond to you with a request for additional information.

What sort of household services can I get help with?

Current household services include carpentry, housekeeping, yardwork, shopping, light electrical and plumbing, painting and snow removal.

What are the qualifications for membership?

You must be 65 years of age or older with an annual income not exceeding $35,000 for singles and $60,000 for couples. (If your earnings are higher than these thresholds but you are physically challenged, submit an application anyway; you may still qualify under our exception rules.)

Download Membership Form

What if I know I don’t qualify for membership?

If you have needs and don’t know where to go, give us a call anyway. We’ll do our best to connect you with the appropriate agencies.

What is the fee for membership? Is this an annual fee? Do you accept VISA or Mastercard?

Membership is $20 per person receiving services. (Therefore a married couple wishing to access services separately must pay $30.) Membership is good for one year and is subject to the same criteria (regarding income thresholds, residency, etc.) at renewal. Notices are sent out when memberships expire. Payment is by cash or personal cheque.

How can I become a driver for SSCAS?

Call us at the office and we’ll arrange for you to undergo a screening process. For everyone’s protection, all of our personnel — whether drivers, household service providers, or office volunteers — are evaluated in this manner prior to performing any services for our clients.

You seem to have volunteer as well as paid positions… which are paid?

We don’t expect anyone to perform physical labour and incur actual wear and tear on their vehicles without being remunerated in some small way. Therefore, our drivers are given an honorarium and our household service providers are paid an hourly rate. Our office personnel are unpaid volunteers apart from the Executive Director and Coordinator of Volunteer Services positions.

How much are your household service providers paid?

Up to $20.00 per hour with a minimum charge of two hours (i.e., $30.00) for housekeeping services. (Any goods required for the job are paid for by the member.)